Angela Demarse

Campus Environmental Coordinator, Winter 2012- Winter 2014
Angela is entering her final year of undergraduate Biology degree. Her interests include wildlife, naturalism, conservation, psychology & eastern religion, multiculturalism and LGBT rights. She is with OPIRG because she wishes to have an impact on the future, and have enjoyed meeting many like-minded people in the process!


Sami Habib



Raiyan Kamal

Raiyan is OPIRG’s resident hippie. When not planting, watering or hugging trees, he maintains the website. His interests are sustainability, permaculture, spirituality, yoga, science, life, universe and everything. Right now he is sending a tsunami of positive vibes to whoever is reading this. Shanti.


Faiza Mirza

Anti-Racism, Volunteer Coordinator, Fall 2013
Faiza Mirza is a management student who believes firmly in the philosophy of coexistence. She has worked as a social worker with underprivileged communities in Pakistan and has taught students involved in child labour, counseled patients with leprosy and mentored drug addicts. She frequently blogs on socio-cultural issues plaguing the South-Asian region and looks forward to live in a violence-free world, where rights are mutually accepted and respected.


Lindsay Sheppard

President, Co-Chair, Event Planning Coordinator, Winter 2014
Lindsay holds a BA in Anthropology and on her way to getting another one in Social Justice and Labour Studies. She considers herself a socialist. Ernesto Che Guevara is her hero, she would travel back in time to marry him if she could. Philosophy of social justice influenced by existential ideology is her prime interest. Other interests are poverty, and animal rights. The love of her life is a big stripey thing named Leia who has a serious princess complex.