Action Groups

Action Groups

OPIRG works through its action groups. The ACTION GROUPS are essentially collectives – groups of people who voluntarily agree to work together on a common issue towards a common goal while sharing responsibilities and decisions equally. The groups vary from year to year and usually portraits interests of the current members.

Depending on students’ interest and commitment, new action groups can be formed or old but inactive groups can be revived at any time. Groups receive staff support, training and use of OPIRG-Windsor’s resources to operate. By becoming involved in a group you do not necessarily have to support or endorse all other groups but must treat all members with respect (see our Mandate and Basis of Unity on our web site).


Current Action Group:

We are currently looking for new Action Groups and if you would like to form one or continue the advocacy of a former group, please contact Jim at

Radio Show (The Shake Up)
every Friday at  4pm CJAM 99.1 FM a talk radio show dealing with a variety of social justice and environmental issues


Student Community Kitchen  
We are a student-led group that has been working hard since Sept 2015 to establish both the physical space of the kitchen and it’s workshops and programming. With help from a number of community stakeholders, we are excited to hold a number of workshops in the coming weeks. Please check the Event Calendar for complete details


Together We Flourish (TWF)  
is a community organization that is oriented towards eliminating barriers to social inclusion and uses social work as a tool for community development. Initially, TWF started out as a community garden that was based on the idea of uniting community on the principle of sharing to generate positive community interactions. Although the garden is an integral part of Together We Flourish, our collective is also becoming a part of collaborative projects and initiatives that uses various mediums such as art to engage in social change.

Former Action Groups (Prior to 2016):

Social Justice Club
The Social Justice club is an activist group on the University of Windsor campus promoting equality and justice in all facets of life. We believe that a society run solely for profit is unsustainable and unfair.

Palestinian Solidarity Group
Their mission is support the basic rights and dignity of Palestinians in the occupied territories, in Israel, and internationally, to the best of our ability.

Windsor Animal Action Group (WAAG)
worked on a number of issues dealing with cruelty to animals and promoting vegetarianism.

offers a “Diversity Training Workshop” free to all students twice a year. They also offer a “Diversity Trainer Certificate Program” free to all members students.

Environmental Group
was instrumental in the operations of the “University of Windsor Environmental Coalition” to help coordinate the activities of the different groups.They worked with the Canadian Youth Climate Coalition on the “International Day for Action against Climate Change” and World Water Day in March. They are continuing their work with the Coalition on the “Sustainable Campus Project.” See Bike Share Advocacy Group

Stuff Swap
organised a campaign to collect and distribute the items of left by students moving out, such as furniture, clothing and appliances. The project organised a swap meet and a collection of items from residence that were donated to the diabetes society and Computers for Kids.

Anarchism Discussion Group
worked to correct media misrepresentation about anarchism and on projects using anarchist philosophy.

LGBT (Lesbian, Gay Bisexual & Transgendered) Issues Group
worked with Out On Campus to promote education and socialising in the LGBT community

Diaspora Power
The purpose of the group is to raise awareness for issues on various Diaspora and indigenous peoples. Student Filmakers for Social Activism raised money to help fund local projects that dealt with highlighting and transcending social barriers within the community.

Windsor Cannabis Movement
working towards the decriminalisation of marijuana and a ‘harm reduction’ approach rather than criminal approach to other recreational drugs.

Food Group
They worked to promote the use of organic produce. They were also a part of the campaign against genetically modified foods.

The Pesticide Action Group
worked with the WEAC (Windsor Environmental Advisory Committee a sub-committee of City Council) to try and eliminate the use of cosmetic pesticides on school and city property.

The South East Asia Group
worked in conjunction with the East Timor Alert Network (ETAN) to lobby the Canadian government to stop selling arms to Indonesia, brought in speakers from East Timor, and participated in a successful boycott against Pepsi’s support of the dictatorship in Burma.

Friends of the Lubicon
Worked in support of the Lubicon Cree. The Lubicon Lake Indian Nation is a Cree Nation in Northern Alberta, Canada. They are commonly referred to as the Lubicon Cree. The Lubicon people have never ceded control over their traditional territory to any other government. The Nation has been embroiled with the Government of Canada regarding disputed land claims for decades.